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Can I read employee messages?

How can I read an employee’s messages? (Signing in as “Read Only”)

Only the account main manager can view employee messages by logging into the employee view in “read only” mode.

Please see Signing In as Employee for details on signing into an employee’s account from their edit employee page.

This will allow you to view their account without affecting it in any way.

We put a notice on the employee accounts that managers can read messages because the main manager on the account has a link to ‘View Employee Interface‘ for every employee.  Through this link (in the Edit Employee screen), managers can have a view-only look at individual employee logins, and could read any messages in the Messages section if they desired to do so.

There is no way for managers to “actively monitor” every message sent by or to an employee, but main managers can use the “View Employee Interface” link at any time to read Messages in the Messaging section.  Please note that any deleted or unsaved messages by the employee are permanently deleted from the system after thirty days and cannot be viewed.

Employees do not need to use our MESSAGING section at all if they prefer to use their own email system instead.  This would assure them that their messages would remain private.  

We do not recommend that employees use the MESSAGING section for anything but work-related issues that should not be of concern for managers to read.  Private messages should not be sent through our system and you might recommend they use their own email for that type of correspondence.