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Floating Employees

If you have certain employees that float between departments or locations  we normally recommend you schedule everyone in one account.  If you decide to set up linked accounts, then every member of the Float Pool staff will need to have a separate login in each account.

They will have to enter preferences, Time Off requests, etc. in each of the various accounts. They won’t be able to trade shifts across locations, and they’ll have multiple independent schedules to manage. This is cumbersome, and the likelihood of them being double-booked (assigned to more than one shift at a time) is high. You will also pay for all logins separately – each login is one ‘active employee login’ so your Float Pool employees would be counted several times.

We recommend instead that you manage the whole group, all locations plus the Float Pool staff, in one account. In this way you’ll pay for the float employees just once, and they will have only one account to manage. Managers in each location will know whether the Float Pool staff is already working a shift for another department, and they can more easily trade shifts as needed.

There are certain strategies you may want to enact to make it work smoothly.

  1. You can add the department information into the Positions like “Maternity – RN,” “Cardiology – RN” so that the Positions include both the department and job name. Then you can edit each employee to work the appropriate departments and jobs, and when you create shifts you select the Position that represents the department and job for the shift and the employees able to work that shift will appear.

    Once your department-specific positions are set up, you can view a certain group of your Positions at a time using what we call a “Position Group.” You’ll want to create a Position Group for each department (one for Maternity, one for Cardiology, etc.) and perhaps also for job types — one group for all RN positions, etc.

    You will now be able to filter the schedule views and employee lists to see only a specific department. The managers for each department can filter the schedule to just their group, and Import, Autofill, & Publish etc. without impacting other departments.

  2. You can edit employee names for your Float Pool so that you can see them at a glance (perhaps following their last name with an asterisk and an ‘F,’ etc.). Float Pool employees could be enabled to work all relevant positions, across locations.

  3. You can use “Status Icons” to indicate your float staff to filter and view them quickly.
  4. Note that where Maximum Hours are set to ‘0’, Autofill will not assign that employee to any shifts, but the employee will be able to pick up or cover shifts on the tradeboard (as per the permissions you’ve set). So if your Float Pool employees are set to 0 Max Hours, Autofill will not assign them on your regular schedules, but they’ll be able to cover shifts as needed via the tradeboard.



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