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Why is Employee Over Max Hours?

If you use AutoFill to assign your shifts each week, it will never assign an employee over their maximum hour/shifts maximums per day or week.  

When you edit or add a shift that puts an employee over maximum, you will be warned and have to agree to that.

Employees cannot pickup unassigned shifts off the tradeboard or cover a dropped shift that would put them over their set maximum hours per week unless a manager approves the request.

It is possible for employees to trade shifts and end up over their max hours in some situations if you allow them to trade shifts “at will.”   If this is an issue, we recommend that you set the trading of shifts to “With Manager Approval” on your SETTINGS>Global Employee Permissions page, so that every Tradeboard transaction will be subject to manager approval.  Managers can then confirm that the transaction will not put employees over their maximum allowable hours before approving it.

You might want to periodically check our Statistics View and our Analyze Shifts feature, especially after approving trades or making manual changes after AutoFilling a schedule.  
The Statistics view clearly shows which employees are over their maximums.

On the Grid View and Sortable List schedule view, you’ll find a button to ‘Analyze Shifts‘.  This feature provides a per shift analysis, checking employee preferences, daily maximums and constraints to see if any shift has a particular conflict. 


over the set hours limit