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Refer A Friend

If you have a paid W2W subscription you can refer others and if they also become a paid user you can earn rewards.

You can choose to receive a $30 Amazon gift card sent to the email of your choice, or a one month extension on your W2W subscription.

Refer Friends

Log into your manager interface and go to SETTINGS>Referrals.

There under Step 1 you can click the button to Refer Friends Now and enter their emails.

Refer a friend step 1

In the popup window, you can add in one or more emails and customize the email if you like and then click the Send button.

refer a friend popup enter emails

They will be sent an email that includes a link to get a special W2W free trial that is for 45 days.

In Step 2 you can choose what type of reward you prefer, a $30 Amazon e-gift card or a free month extension on your subscription. Click the “Change Reward” link to show the options.

refer a friend choose reward

You can choose which type of reward you prefer any time before the reward is given.

If the organization you referred starts a free trial from that email, you will then see the information listed on that page.  If they become a paid subscriber on that account, your SETTINGS>Referral page will reflect this and at the end of the next month you will receive your reward.

refer a friend track trials