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Partial Publish Week – Publish only certain positions, departments, locations

Managers with permission to publish can also publish part of the schedule.

Publish part of a schedule week:

  • Makes published position shifts available to employees when they sign into their employee account at 
  • Automatically alerts the employees when they sign in that there is a new schedule published
  • Automatically forwards the new published schedule to employees who have set up that email notifications.

Publish and choose which positions to publish

  • On any Weekly view click Publish
  • Click to the Selected Positions tab
  • Check off positions and click the Publish button

  • Notifications will be sent to employees about the new published shifts for that week if they are set up to be notified
  • Employees can assigned to those positions will see their shifts when they sign in.

The first time this is done for a week sets the week to “Partially Published” and then the button changes from Publish to Publish/Unpublishand the Positions dropdown will highlight the positions that are published.

Published shifts will also show a purple dot or purple underline on the schedule for the position or shift.

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