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Employee in more than one account?

Normally when employees are shared across accounts then the scheduling for those groups should be done all in one account so that the employees are not counted twice in your billing and also this prevents them from being “double-booked” across accounts.

If those employees do not need to be scheduled in both accounts, then they should be deleted from the account where they are not needed. If you delete an employee record, your employee count goes down (though the deleted employee’s past assigned shifts remain in your account for historical purposes). 

You can delete an employee by going to your manager “Employee List” section and clicking the little pencil icon to left of the employee name and on the Edit Employee window that appears, use the “Delete Employee” link. 

Merging Accounts

If you share employees between accounts and would like to merge the two accounts, you can certainly do that. While it’s not possible to automatically merge accounts together, you can manually transfer much of the account information by exporting and uploading data.

We recommend that you use the largest account, and add information from the smaller accounts to it.

With your more complex arrangement, you will likely need “department-specific” position names and perhaps “position groups” for each location. This will allow managers to filter for viewing, importing, autofilling, and publishing schedules. 

To move your employees, go to the Employee List and click “Export”. You’ll create a CSV file which you can upload into the other account (using the Upload feature on the EMPLOYEES > List Employee page).These employees will be given new logins, and will have to sign in to set them up, choosing usernames and entering preferences, etc.

You can also transfer your schedule templates. At SCHEDULES > Template Editor, select and display your template, and select the shifts you’d like to transfer into the new account. Click “Export to clipboard” and paste it into a new spreadsheet document. Save this file as a .csv file and then Upload it into any unpublished week on your schedule. Click “Save as Template” and name it for the new account.

When you’re ready, you’ll need to send login information to the employees you’ve added, and delete them from the old accounts. Note that if the employees are deleted, those accounts can remain linked to your group without incurring cost, and you’ll be able to access historic data any time.





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