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Time Off Report – Exclude Weekends

When using our REPORTS section you can enter any date range but the reports will include all dates in that range, so here are a couple workarounds you could consider:

  1. Create two separate Time Off exports for the Monday-Friday of the first week then Monday-Friday of the second week, then you could total your two reports for the two ‘workday’ weeks.

  2. Use our ‘Assigned Shifts Details – General’ export and include the “Day of Week” field in export then open file in Excel and sort by day of week so you can filter out your weekend shifts before you run your totals in Excel.

  3. Or if you do not use Categories for other purposes, you could create Categories like ‘Wkday’ and ‘Wkend’ then edit each of your shifts to associate them with the appropriate Category for whether they are weekday or weekend shifts.  Then you could run your reports and choose to include just the weekday Category shifts so it automatically gives you just the totals for any date range for your weekday shifts.


run time off reports that do not include weekends