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Safari Mac Download Trouble

When you download a file, if you see the file name ends in “exe” this means your Mac browser is adding the ‘.exe’ to the file name; unfortunately this is not something we can control from our system.

Safari sometimes thinks some Windows files are compressed when they are not, so when you download our exported files on Safari, it treats them like a file that has to be uncompressed, adding an .exe extension to the file name.

You can’t open the application “EXPORT.CSV.exe” because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on macOS.

We cannot control this from our side; there is no Safari fix for it. The only recommendation is to use Firefox or Chrome if you have this issue.

The files you are downloading are actually plain text .csv files, not .exe files as Safari is trying to create. You can go ahead and create the export and then simply edit the name of the exported file to remove the .exe suffix Safari has added. Once you do this, the .csv file will work perfectly in your spreadsheet program.