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A and B Weekend Rotations

How do I set A and B weekend rotation schedules?

Is there any way to place employees into two groups and then designate which group gets scheduled each weekend and then AutoFill? 

The best way to accomplish this is to create two templates.

The first template would include all your unassigned shifts for M-F and then the shifts for the weekend already assigned with the A group (perhaps naming that template ‘Week A’).

Then make another template with the weekly shifts unassigned and the B group set to the weekend rotation (and save it as ‘Week B’).

In future weeks, Import the saved template Week A and keep the assignments, then run AutoFill to fill the open weekday shifts. The next week use the Week B template, and then the Week A template, and so on, to keep your rotation. 

Also note: You can click the link at the bottom of every schedule week “Schedule History” if you don’t remember which template you imported last. This will show the named template that was imported into that week.