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Can overtime rate be added to hours over max on Statistics view?

We do not offer a feature for entering an overtime “rate” (ex. 1.5 times) to calculate overtime pay or costs. Our system includes only a basic payrate and the number of hours worked. We don’t offer a payroll module that would adjust for overtime pay.

Maximums are used as constraints to guide AutoFill and also to help you see over max hours.

On our Statistics Schedule View, we display both the daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly hourly totals, as well as notes on whether an employee has exceeded their daily, weekly or monthly hourly maximum (overtime). 

On the “Availability” Schedule View you can see the “Hrs left” column just to the right of employee names; if an employee is over their maximum hours, the number is in red, so you can watch for red numbers to know you’ve moved into overtime. 

Also note that the “By Employee” view shows the total hours scheduled for the week in the display.

You may also use the Reports section to create export files of assigned shifts totals for any date range and then open that file in spreadsheet program (like Excel) to compare against the maximum allowable hours for that date range, etc.

The Statistics Weekly view shows hour over max.

Also, if you enter “target hours” on the 2 Week or Monthly Statistics view, our system will let you know who has exceeded those target hours and by how much.


Is it possible to include 1.5 time in the Statistics view for Hours Over Max? Include overtime in the approximate cost