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Set employee to AutoFill one Position but pick up other Position

If you would like Autofill to assign employees to only one particular position, but would like them to be able to pick up shifts in all (or many) positions, you’ll want to set their Position Preferences to “prefer” the position you’d like them to work, and to “dislike” the positions you’d prefer they not work.


Position Preferences allow you to rank each position the employee can be assigned as “Prefer” or “No Preference” or “Dislike.” Position preferences are used when you AutoFill – it will assign employees to their preferred position(s) whenever possible.

Managers with permission to edit employees can set these for each employee from the Employee>Positions Grid. More >

You could Autofill your schedule, and then check our Grid View to see if any employees are assigned to “dislike” positions (which will be highlighted in red) and then you could click on the employee name to consider assigning to another employee.

Another method would be to enable each employee to work only the positions you’d like Autofill to assign them.  Create another position called ‘(Fill-In)’ and then enable all employees to work it.

Then when a shift is available, only employees enabled to work that specific position can fill it. When managers determine that the shift cannot be filled by those preferred workers, you can use our Grid View and filter to only unassigned shifts, check them off, and change their positions all at once to ‘(Fill-In)’ via our Bulk Edit feature.  All employees will be immediately notified that the shifts are available, and will be able to see and pick them up.