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W2W Data Retention Policy

As long as you have an actively paid subscription with us the current schedule data in the account is available for as far in past and future you have entered it, and ‘saved’ messages  and employee records (including deleted employee records) are retained as well. 

There is some data that automatically gets removed including unsaved messages (removed after 30 days), ‘recent shift history’ (removed after 45 days), and expired bulletin board posts.

Our backup databases store backup archives daily for current week, then weekly for month’s time, then monthly for up to max of six months.  Because deleted employee records are retained in our system so they can be restored if someone comes back to work, if you want to remove the data you need to physically blank the fields and save the record with blank data, in which case it will then age off our archives after 6 months time.

You can choose to export employee data from any manager login using our ‘Export’ buttons on the “Employees” section and export or print schedule data from either the “Schedules” section or “Reports” section, which will create text files of data on your own system if you want to keep a record of it.

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