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Differentiate types of Time Off?

Can I differentiate between or track types of Time Off?
Ex. vacation time, sick-leave, PTO or personal day on days requested off?

Each Time Off entry has a comment field where you can enter the reason for the Time Off. You can use the REPORTS section to print an approved Time Off report for any date range, but we do not run totals on various types of Time Off.

If you need to track these types of days off and run reports, you might want to consider NOT using the time off section. It can be turned off at SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions; instead, employees can message you with Time Off requests and then you can create “shifts” for these various Times Off.

For example, you could create “Positions” for Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Day, Unpaid Day Off, etc. Then create a “shift” for the person using the appropriate Position and set the shift paid hours accordingly. If paid, then enter the hours.  If unpaid, enter paid hours of ‘zero’. 

Then you can run reports and see the totals for any date range for each employee. This also allows all employees to see these time off shifts on the schedules for published week and for them to know how many employees have been granted Time Off by looking at the schedule when they sign in.

Note that if you use shifts for time off, then employees can only see time off for published weeks and it also allows other employees to see any shift descriptions you add (comment about the time off).


label time off, choose type of time off paid unpaid  designate create a sick time and vacation drop down for manager and staff track PTO