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Retrieve Username/Password Automatically

Any W2W user can automatically retrieve sign in information from WhenToWork at any time. Your account sign in(s) are automatically emailed to you when you use the “Need your username and/or password?” link on the sign in page.

To have sign in information emailed to you (or anyone else)

  • go to
  • Click Sign In
  • Use Need your username and/or password? link
  • Type the email address
  • click Send Information

All sign in information related to that email address will immediately be sent out. If the email is not received, there may be a problem with your email account (spam filters, box full, etc.)

Managers can also send out sign in instructions to all employees who have never signed in and to individual employees from their Edit Employee page. Managers with permission to edit employees can also print sign in instructions for employees.



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