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Can I Resend a Notification?

Notifications cannot be resent. You can send a schedule reminder (but note that does not affect their status icon on the By Employee view).

If an employee says they are not getting notifications, you can check how their email and notifications are set up by going to your EMPLOYEES>List page and clicking their email address to open their notifications. If they seem to be set up correctly and you have double checked the accuracy of their email address, then it is likely our emails are being marked as ‘spam’ by their email program.

Sometimes an email provider will aggressively filter for spam, and our automatically generated emails can be misidentified and blocked.

Please ask your employee to check their deleted items or junk folders to see if perhaps our emails are going there.

The employee might add the following addresses to their contacts or to any ‘safe sender’ lists that their email provider offers:

After adding these addresses to Contacts or Safe Sender lists, please ask the employee to try our “Need username/password link” on our sign in page (, which instantly resends sign in information.

If they are able to receive the sign in information, they should be able to receive all of our automatically generated email notifications.


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