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Employee Can’t See Open Shifts to Pick Up?

If your employee cannot see an available shift on their display, please check the following things:

  • If the employee is using our mobile version or app, confirm that they are in the TRADES section.  Shifts cannot currently be picked up from the SCHEDULES section, but must be viewed and picked up in the TRADES section
  • Employees can only see shifts on Published weeks. Confirm that the week is Published.
  • Employees can only see Tradeboard shifts for Positions they are enabled to work. Confirm that the employee is enabled to work this particular Position at EMPLOYEES > Positions Grid.
  • Confirm that you have enabled your employees to see and pick up available and open shifts. At SETTINGS > Global Employee Permissions, you’ll want to set the Tradeboard option (Permission 20) for Picking Up Unassigned shifts to ‘At Will’ (without needing approval) or ‘with manager approval’ (meaning a manager has to approve each request).  

Note, if you use the ‘At Will’ option then any pickup request that would put the employee over their maximum hours per week will require manager approval.

Under ‘Viewing Other Employees & Their Schedules,’ allows you to set Permission 9 ‘Can see UNASSIGNED SHIFTS on Everyone’s Schedule views’ to either YES or NO.


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