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Email Notifications to Users – Pro Plan options

Pro Plan main managers can set up special features for Email Notifications sent to all users in the account.

There are two types of email notifications:

Forwarded Messages are messages sent via the W2W messaging system that are also forwarded to email, for example if a manager sends a W2W message to an employee and that employee is also set up to have their W2W messages forwarded to email.

Automatic System Notification Emails – such as “a schedule has been published” or “your shift has changed” etc.

Pro plan main managers can set options for those two types of notices.

Forwarded Messages  – Subject line prefix
When users set up to have their W2W messages forwarded to their email the subject line of those messages is “W2W fwd:”.  Using this option you can substitute your own custom phrase to use instead, for example you can use your company name.

Automatic Notifications – Set up an Archive
When users are set up to get email notifications of certain actions (schedule is published, shift changed, time off granted etc.), some managers like to have a copy of the actual email that was sent to the user.  You can set up your own archive email address and enter it here to have a place to look up those details if needed. All automatic notifications sent by email to employees will be “bccd” to your archive email also.

Use My Uploaded Logo – if you have uploaded your company logo on your Settings>Info page you can choose to have that used on all email notifications (Forwarded Messages and Automatic Notifications (instead of the W2W logo).