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View/print just specific days of the week?

If you need to create a report of shifts for just a certain day or days, ex to be able to view/print just Saturdays for the next four months…

You can print one day on the Calendar view, but not one day a week for four weeks. So you can print a single day, but then you’d need to navigate to the next week to print the next Saturday, etc. 

As a workaround, if you’re not already using Categories you could create a Category called “Saturday”, then assign the Saturday Category to all of those Saturday shifts.

You can then filter your schedule display or any of our reports on the Reports page to the “Saturday” Category and print as needed.

You can add categories by going to the Schedules section and choosing “Add/Edit Categories” from the Category drop down menu. This will bring up a popup where you can add and save the new category information.

You can find more on this topic at: as well as the related links at the bottom of that page.

You can quickly edit your Saturday shifts to add the new Category on the Grid View: sort by date, then check off the Saturday shifts and use our “bulk edit” feature to edit all of the Saturday shifts for the week at once.

You’ll also want to edit any templates you’re using, at SCHEDULES > Templates.