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Timeclock – Export Schedules

Pro Plan subscribers can use our API to connect with other programs.

WhenToWork is strictly a scheduling system, and does not currently provide a time clock service in addition to employee scheduling.

W2W does offer the ability to manually export data to other programs and or to set up automatic exports to timeclocks programs that can pull data from Google Calendar (for example, Telephone Timesheets)

Manual Exports

If you check your Reports> 3rd Party Manual Exports page you  can find a list of our current export formats. W2W has export file formats for a variety of other third party programs, but you may select ANY software and email us their ‘input file format requirements’ and our developers will review it to see if our system already supports that format or whether the new format can be added to our system on the Reports> 3rd Party Manual Exports page.

Automatic Exports

If your timeclock can pull data from Google Calendar, W2W can set up an automatic sync for you so that your timeclock can pull the data from there on their own timetable.

Telephone Timesheets existing customers can email with details and we can set that up at no charge.

Customers for other timeclocks that can pull from Google Calendar can contact us with the details about their timeclock and we can see about setting that up for them.

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