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Employees scheduled in multiple accounts?

If employees work at more than one location at your organization normally you would schedule all locations in one account.  

If you deicide to schedule employees in different linked accounts (PRO Plan) you will need to be sure you do not double book them across accounts.  You can ask them to set up times they are scheduled on the other account as “cannot work” times or they can export to Google calendar and if any conflicting shift is scheduled they can notify the manager and ask for it to be adjusted.

If employees work at more than one organization that uses WhenToWork they can export to Google Calendar and see their combined schedules there also, along with seeing multiple logins in our mobile app by using the “switch list” on the desktop version.

share employees  share employy between accounts  the employee only has one log on and can view schedules under both managers and so the managers can see the hours scheduled for both schedules in 1 view