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Workaround Adding Employee Photo

WhenToWork does not currently offer a photo field for employees, but you can display a photo that is posted on a remote web site. If the remote site where the photos are found is not a secure (https) site, you will receive a warning asking if you want to display non-secure graphics when the page is loaded.

Upload your photo to an online photo website such as or to your company web site. Right click the photo to get the exact URL web address of the photo.

In the Edit Employee Comments field, type this html code for adding each photo replacing the word URL with your photo URL:  Be sure to always use single quotes (not double quotes) when adding html.

<img src=’url’>

Ex. <img src=’’>

or <img src=’’>

Note the use of single quotation marks.


add a picture of the employee by the employee listing  .pictures in schedule  add the employees picture to each employee contact