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EMPLOYEES – Let Them Sign In?

Should I Let Employees Sign In to See Their Schedules?

YES! There is no downside or extra cost for allowing employees to sign into their account and use WhenToWork.

When you add an employee at WhenToWork, we automatically create an employee account for them with a unique temporary username and password. This allows each employee to sign in at via their computer or phone to see published schedules, request time off, and any other functions that you allow them to perform. 

If you enter an email address for an employee, they can retrieve their username and password at any time using the “Need your Username or Password?” link on the WhenToWork Sign In page.

Allowing employees to sign in to see their schedule can be a great benefit both to them and to you as the manager. It is easy to send all your employees their sign in instructions. There is no extra cost to give your employees access to WhenToWork. It can save you time and improve communication. Employees can also enter their own email/text message addresses and notification choices, time off requests, work time preferences, trade shifts, and many other things if you allow them (these options are controlled on the manager SETTINGS>Employee Permissions page). When employees sign in, they are always seeing the most up-to-date schedule. We highly recommend allowing your employees to sign in to WhenToWork. 

Click here to sign in live to a sample company and explore the employee interface.

Click here to view the employee topic-based help.

When Employees sign in they can:

  • View Published schedules and schedule notes
  • Export their schedule to Google Calendar
  • Download VCAL VCS file of their schedule to use in Outlook
  • See any Employee Homepage Notice you have posted
  • View your company Bulletin Board
  • Make changes and set privacy options for their contact information
  • Set up what events trigger an email or text message notification to them
  • Change their username and password
  • View staff list (SETTINGS options control what information they see)
  • Set whether other employees can view their phone number and email
  • Message managers and other employees

On your SETTINGS>Global Employee Permissions page you also can allow them to:

  • Request Time Off (with or without Manager Approval)
  • View Everyone’s Schedule (Daily, Weekly & Monthly, Charts)
  • Set the times they prefer and dislike working (which you can always choose to override)
  • Set their own “Cannot Work” hours
  • See Who’s On Now & Later
  • Set whether they prefer or dislike working each Position (or Location) 
  • Add entries to the company Bulletin Board
  • View the Tradeboard 
  • Trade shifts with other employees (“At Will” or with “Manager Approval”)
  • Drop a shift if another employee agrees to pick it up (“At Will” or with “Manager Approval”)
  • Set their own shifts to be unassigned (take themselves off shifts)
  • See Unassigned shifts on Everyone’s Schedule
  • Pick up Unassigned Shifts (“At Will” or with “Manager Approval”)
  • See when and where other employees will be on a certain day
  • See other employees’ availability and work time preferences for their shifts 
  • Create a “switch list” if they have multiple W2W usernames