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Add Employee Text Address

Text Message Addresses:

If the employee can receive text messages, you can enter that for them but normally each employee would add their own text addresses. The employee will need to know their cell phone carrier’s domain for sending these messages – it normally looks like an email address with the phone number followed by Ex. 

Employees can find out their own text message email address by sending a text to their own email address and then they can see their text address in the “From” field when viewing their email.

Note that entering a “cell phone” number in the employee details section is only for display purposes, it will not affect text notices. Text notifications must be set up separately in the Notifications section.

If you enter a text address for them and they enter the validation code, note that those notifications will be short and if you send an urgent alert it is limited to 240 characters. 

add text message address

When you click Save, a text message is sent which includes a validation code which must be entered into the Employee’s interface on their Info page using the “Edit Email Addresses” window before text messages will be automatically sent out for the notification options chosen.


not sure of the code to put for his wireless carrier  text updates