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Assign shifts to same employee week after week (classes etc)

AutoFill can be used to automatically schedule employees on a week by week basis based on their work time preferences and any AutoFill maximums you have set.

It is possible to schedule ongoing classes or lessons in our system, but you’ll want to schedule those shifts manually.  Autofill will assign a different instructor every day or week, so if you want a consistent instructor for each ongoing class series, you can set that up as a template and simply import it assigned into every week.

We also do not offer a way to view an employee’s availability over multiple weeks. You would need to view their employee details Schedules/Preferences page and navigate between weeks to view their preferences.


same employee to cover the 2 or 3 weekly meetings of a class, week after week, and have a way to sue auto schedule to do that, rather than doing it manually professor progressor weeks class course courses over semester quarter