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Can I add hours to positions?

In W2W a position is a job (ex. Cashier). Sometimes it can also include a location or department along with the job (ex. Downtown – Cashier).

Positions don’t normally include references to times (unless for instance you have restrictions on who can work it (ex. if only certain people are qualified to work the night shift you could create a “Cashier – Night” position, but normally this is not done unless you need to distinguish that only certain employees can work that particular job.

Once you have set up your positions you can use the Add Shifts for those positions for the times you need workers at that job.  Ex. if you need 3 Cashiers from 12p-6p on Wed that would be three Cashier shifts.

Normally you would import a template of shifts each week – but if you commonly need to add shifts for a certain position at a certain time you can set up “category default” times for a category and then choose the category in the Add Shifts window to prepopulate those times and paid hours.