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Trade / Drop Cleared from TB When…

There are certain actions that will cause a pending post or offer to be removed from the Tradeboard. *Please note that whether the schedule is Published or Unpublished impacts which actions result in the clearing of pending offers.

On a Published Schedule, pending trade posts and offers will be cleared if:

  1. A manager changes the employee assigned to the shift.
  2. The employee cancels the offer.
  3. A manager deletes the shift.
  4. A manager drags the shift on the By Employee view (changing either the date or assignment of the shift.)
  5. The employee unassigns himself from the shift.
  6. A manager approves another offer on the shift. (If there are multiple offers on a shift and one is accepted, the others are cleared).

Note that other minor edits to a Published shift, such as changes to the Description, Color, Category, Position, etc. will not result in the clearing of pending posts and offers.

If the schedule is Unpublished, the schedule is no longer visible to employees, so all trade postings and offers will become temporarily invisible to employees, but they will reappear when you re-Publish the schedule UNLESS any change has been made to the shift while unpublished (this includes edits to the Date, Description, Color,Category, Position, Employee Assignment, etc.)

While the week is unpublished, if either shift involved in a trade is edited for: Position, Start Time, End Time, Hours, Description, Category, or Color – it will not remove the trade from the Tradeboard when the week is published again. Even offers in progress are not removed by editing these shift details.


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