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Set Employee Termination Date?

W2W does not have a way to set a future date for termination of an employee, so you cannot enter their future last employment date. When you delete an employee, they are immediately deleted.

The best method to indicate a future termination date would be is to enter a Time Off for the employee that begins on the day they are leaving, with a description that makes it clear that they should be deleted from your account after that date.  The Time Off would then prevent them from being assigned during that entered time period until you delete them. 

Note that this would send an automatic notification to the employee about the time off if their notifications are set up to send those out. You might want to go to your EMPLOYEES> Notifications Grid and uncheck that employee for that notification and click Save if you want to prevent them from being emailed about the time off you are entering. Also if you let employees view time off they will see this time off if they look at their time off section. 

Please notify the employee immediately when you delete them at W2W so that they don’t contact our support team inquiring about why they cannot log in.

When you delete an employee, they’ll be immediately removed from all shifts and their login will be disabled, so you don’t want to delete them until they actually leave your employ.


 set employee’s last day date fired date end not schedule past date, How do I indicate an employee’s last day remove an employee after a certain date remove an employee after a certain date  last day of employment last day of employment submitted their 2 week notice and I have another employee who had submitted a one month notice for their last day of work. What is the best way to indicate their last day of work in the system so that I do not accidently schedule them beyond their “last day?”