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Create / Print Invoice?

Will WhenToWork send me an invoice? 

WhenToWork does not send invoices.  All WhenToWork subscriptions are administered by your own managers, including setting up the account, maintenance of data, monitoring of the subscription, generation of invoices and timely payments of the subscription.  So, WhenToWork does not bill you or send invoices for subscriptions, instead we give every manager (i.e., additional managers or main managers) on your account the ability to create their own invoice, at any time, for their desired “employee count” and “duration” of their choice.   

If an invoice is needed, simply log into your own manager account (or contact any one of your own managers), where they can go to their SETTINGS> Payment – Pricing – Billing page

More details on how your managers can generate an invoice from their login:

This same page will go over all account information:  account number, expiration date, current employee count, options to review renewal pricing, generate invoices, make an online payment, see payment history, etc.

Also, W2W does not track, monitor or pursue invoices that your own managers create, or purchase orders they may utilize for their own internal payment processes.

If you have any trouble creating your invoice just let us know. 

We do not extend your account expiration date until the actual check or credit card payment is received.

If you expect that the check will not be received by the expiration date, please email the check number, amount, and date mailed and we can update your account to “pending payment” status and arrange for extended access if needed while the check is in the mail.