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Track & Approve Pending Trades – Open Shift Pickups

If you require manager approval for trades and/or pickups, the TRADES> Trades Awaiting Approval page will show you the shifts awaiting manager approval and also the shifts that are in process between employees and another awaiting employee to agree. How employees can use the Tradeboard is controlled from the SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page.

To view the Pending Trades/Offers

From any schedule view: 

  • In the top menu, hover over TRADES and choose “Trades Awaiting Approval” 
  • Optional: Click any listed shift to open the Shift Change window to see shift details
  • Click the Check Conflicts button to view any potential conflicts that would arise from approving that trade or pickup.

  • The bottom section (“Offers in Progress”) shows you the offers that are still pending between employees, where one employee has asked to trade or pickup a shift but it is still awaiting approval by the other employee. Once they agree, you will then see that request listed in the top portion of the page, where you can approve or reject it.

You also can see which shifts are on the Tradeboard or pending manager approval on the By Employee Schedule View, where a Tradeboard icon will appear next to the shift.


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