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Two Ways to Create a New Schedule

Once you have entered your first schedule, it is easy to create new schedules using the Import function. Import any previous week “as is” by choosing a date or Import a saved template by choosing a template name.

You can Import, clearing the work assignments (and then use AutoFill to get the best assignments for the new week based on employee work time preferences), or you can Import and leave the assignments the same.

DIFFERENT assignments
each week based on preferences

WORK TIME PREFERENCES are used for automatically assigning based on when employees are available and prefer to work:

  1. Navigate to the new week 
  2. Import the previous week’s schedule or saved template (unassigning the work assignments
  3. AutoFill to get the best assignments for that week based on employee work time preferences, approved time off and any other constraints you have set
  4. Publish the schedule to automatically email it to employees and make it available to them online, and allow them to trade shifts if you have set that on your SETTINGS>Employee Permissions page

CONSISTENT assignments
each week

OR if you prefer to create your schedules BASED ON KEEPING THE SAME ASSIGNMENTS EACH WEEK you can do the following instead:

  1. Navigate to the new week
  2. Import the previous week’s schedule leaving the assignments (if an assignment conflicts with granted time off it will be set to unassigned) or you can Import a saved Template which could contain all your basic shifts with some or all of the shifts assigned.
  3. AutoFill to assign any open shifts if needed, or you can always click a shift and see a list of who is available and you can choose an employee and click Save 
  4. (Optional) – ANALYZE Shifts to see how the imported assignments compare to employee work time preferences and other constraints such as maximum hours/shift per day/week and make any adjustments to the shifts as needed.
  5. Publish the schedule to email it to employees and make it available to them online and allow them to trade shifts if you have set that on your SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page

Note that for AutoFill to work properly, you will need to review the AutoFill Maximums on the Employee List Grid and make any necessary changes in their max hours/shifts per day/week. The default is set to 40 hours and you will want to be sure your shift paid hours (durations) are correct and reflect any unpaid break times.

The ANALYZE feature can be used on current or future weeks to check how the shift assignments compare to the current work time preferences and constraints you have set, so you can use the second approach above of keeping the assignments intact and then use Analyze to check for any conflicts. 

move the unassigned shifts I have already built into a week
schedule pretty much stays the same each week and it would be nice to have it autogenerate.
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