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Enterprise SSO – Beta

To become a Beta tester please email with your account number and details about your provider.

Note – this feature is in beta so due care needs to be taken when using this feature and please report any issues/feedback to  


WhenToWork’s IAM support follows the OAuth2/OpenID standard, as implemented by Azure AD (Entra ID) and Okta identity access management providers.

In the original release of Azure/Okta IAM capabilities, SSO configuration was performed on the Manager account.

In this latest update of SSO, configuration and setup is performed by a new “Tech” user type, presumed to be someone in your organization having expertise in Azure or Okta implementations.

A Tech user account can be created for anyone, including the current WhenToWork company Manager; however, SSO configuration capabilities are only accessible when signed in to the Tech user account.

Add a Tech user to your WhenToWork company account using the existing SETTINGS > Add/Edit Managers page:

  1. Look for “Add Tech User”
  2. Provide First name, Last name and a valid email address.
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. If “Email new tech user sign in instructions” is checked, login instructions will be emailed to you.

Sign in to your Tech user account using the WhenToWork standard sign in page.

Select the SSO tab under the SETTINGS top menu item.

If a SSO provider is not yet enabled, click on either “Enable Okta” or “Enabled Azure” under “Enable Single Sign On” which will open the “Enterprise SSO Configuration” page.

This page supports all fields needed for SSO configuration; however, we reccommend using the “SSO Setup Assistant” button which provides step-by-step instructions and incremental validation of SSO input values.

When your reach the end of the steps in the SSO Setup Assistant, your account should be ready for the Manager to begin provisioning employees from your selected IAM.

See the help page at IAM Employee Provisioning for information relating to the Employee Provisioning page.