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Only Let Employees Set Preferences at Certain Times

We normally encourage managers to allow employees to enter their own work time preferences and keep them up to date.  This allows managers to know in real time who might be the best for for a replacements based on up to date information about employee preferences. Note that when employees update preferences this in no way changes their assigned shifts, it simply can be used by AutoFill or by you when manually assigning a shift if you like.

There are some organizations that do want to restrict employees from changing their own work time preferences at certain times for various reasons.

Managers with permission to “Edit Company Settings” can go to their SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page and turn on and off that option as needed. 

For example, if you only allow your workers to update their own preferences during a certain date range you can post that policy on the Employee Homepage Notice and then turn on or off that permission for certain dates.

We do recommend that you post your policy and remind employees about it, to prevent them from writing to our W2W support team asking them why they can no longer edit their own preferences.