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Switch an Employee to Have Manager Access

If you have an employee who needs the ability to manage the organization’s schedule, then the main manager of the account can add that employee as an additional manager on their SETTINGS> Add/Edit Managers page.

Each additional manager will have their own separate manager username and password (in addition to their employee username, if they are also an employee), and there is no limit to how many managers you can add.

To add a manager, from the main manager account, in the top menu choose SETTINGS>Add/Edit Managers.

Fill in first name, last name, email and check off the permissions and click “Add New.”  You can click on the new manager’s name and in the bottom of that page you can review and update their manager permissions (create schedules, approve time-off, etc.) by checking off the allowed permissions and the click the Save button to update your account. 


change the access of an employee to have admin access and  be able to change the schedule