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Main Manager (About / Change / Swap)

Each WhenToWork account has one Main Manager that has the ability to add, edit, and delete additional managers and set their permissions, and that person is the only one who is authorized to make global changes on the account (schedule start day, security settings, etc.).

The Main Manager is normally the person who first set up the account, unless another manager has been approved to be swapped in as Main Manager, in charge of the account.

The current Main Manager can remove themselves as the main manager and swap in another manager on the account as the new Main Manager at any time:

Current Main Manager – Swap in an Another Manager as “Main Manager:”

  • On your SETTINGS> Add/Edit Managers page, click the “Change Main Manager” link
  • In the popup enter your username and password to verify it
  • Check the box next to manager who will replace you as main (the manager must have an email entered)
  • Click the Swap button


  • Swapping in another manager as main will give them control over the account and the ability to add, edit and delete other managers. Your login will no longer have these options.
  • Swapping in another manager as main will immediately sign you out of this session, but you can then sign in again.
  • If your login should be removed and you no longer need manager access to this account, you can ask the new main manager to remove you.
  • You and the new main manager will receive email confirmation that they have become the new main manager. 

If the current main manager is no longer available:  

Current Main Manager Not Available to Make Change:

  • On your manager homepage, click the “Contact W2W” link on the lower left 
  • In the Contact popup click “Manager Questions
  • Click the “How can we change the main manager?” to email with the necessary information in the subject line
  • Include the name and email of the person who should become the new main manager.


  • In order to verify a request to change the Main Manager, we need to receive a confirmation email from:
    • the person who paid for the account
    • or the verifiable owner/director of your organization

The Main Manager will see the list of existing managers and a link to add, edit and delete managers on his or her SETTINGS> Add/Edit Managers page.


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