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Assign Employee Manually (Before AutoFill)

AutoFill is generally the best way to assign employees to your shifts but if you want to manually place employees into shifts, you can do so at any time by simply clicking the shift anywhere in the system. Or if certain employees always work certain shifts (“Pinned Employees“), you can pre-place them and then use Save Template to save the schedule with those shifts already assigned – in later weeks, you can Import the Template and then only AutoFill the open shifts, leaving the pre-placed employees in their time slots.

To assign an employee to a shift from the BY EMPLOYEE view:

On the By Employee Schedule View: 

  • Drag the shift to an employee and day cell and drop it OR
  • Click on the shift you want to assign to open the Quick Shift Edit layer
  • Click the “Available Employees” link. Then proceed using the Shift Change window

OR To assign an employee to a shift from other weekly views:

From any Schedule View: 

  • Click on the shift you want to assign, to open the Shift Change window
  • In the the bottom section of the window, click the Employee name. (Employees are listed by availability and work time preferences – if you know which employee you want, it may be easier to locate them by starting to type their name in the “Find” box).
  • Click the Save button


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