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HIPAA compliant?

Because WhenToWork is not specifically designed for patient/client scheduling, our system is not under any HIPPA Compliance agreements and no client or patient data should ever be entered into our system if there is a privacy concern.

There is no sensitive data required by our system and there should be no storing or transmitting of restricted data  as scheduling managers should not be entering that type of information into our system.  If there are any concerns about data security we recommend your organization simply not enter any sensitive data into the account.  Note no identifiable information is required, you do not have to enter address, phone, email or even full names, you can enter just initials or employee codes if you like.

WhenToWork employees are committed to a very strict privacy policy. All information is protected and strict guidelines are adhered to by our staff.  For our privacy policy you can review it here:

If you have questions or concerns please email us at .


HIPAA compliant compliance