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Test Alternate Schedule – Sandbox Environment?

If you’d like to experiment with new arrangements for your WhenToWork account but do not wish to impact existing schedules, you have a few options.

Set up in your current account in an empty week

If you are hoping to experiment just with shift lengths and times, you could navigate to a week far in the future and set up new schedules there. You’ll have your employees and their preferences and positions in the account, but the weeks you are working on can remain unpublished (and invisible to employees.) If you like the new arrangement, you can save it as a template in the account (via the ‘Save Template’ button). Just make sure to delete the week’s shifts when you are finished.

Use a totally separate “linked account

If you need to experiment with account settings, positions and/or categories, we recommend that you go to SETTINGS> Create a New Linked Account, and work there.

To quickly duplicate the employees in your existing account (if you wish) you can go to EMPLOYEES > List Employees, filter to the employees you’ll need, and then click Export to create a CSV file containing their information (just those fields you’ll find useful in the experiment – no need to include addresses, pay rates, etc.) Then in the new account, you can go to EMPLOYEES> Employees List and use the ‘Upload’ button to upload those employees. (we recommend that you do not upload their emails, as they could then get login instructions for that account by email). Or you could just enter a few fake employees for experimentation.

More information about using multiple linked accounts 

When you’re finished, write our billing group at with the account number and request to have the experimental account ‘unlinked’ from your group.

Of course, if you need a permanent sandbox/training environment, you could keep that linked account available as part of your group permanently.

Note that the employees added to the experimental account will increase the subscription total employees, so an upgrade to a higher employee level may be needed.


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