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When was a trade requested?

If a shift was posted to the Tradeboard in the past 45 days, that will be noted in the Shift History. Simply click on a shift to open the Shift Edit screen, and use the link to ‘Shift History’ to see the timestamp for when the shift was first posted to the Tradeboard, and when offers were made and/or accepted.

Note that on your “Trades Awaiting Approval” manager page it will show the date the trade was agreed upon by the employees involved.

You can view an employee’s recent trade activity by clicking their name on any view and then choosing the Schedules tab and clicking the “Recent Trade Activity” link. This logs all recent (within 45 days) trade activity for that employee (including their own activity, such as posting or requesting shifts, and the activity of other employees that impacts them, such as co-workers offering to trade their shifts).

You can set up your notifications to alert you when a shift is posted to the tradeboard.


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