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Add Employee in another account with same email?

You can enter the same email address into multiple accounts.

If your employee is scheduled in two separate accounts (even if they are linked in a group) they will have to use a unique username and password for each account; there is no way to combine displays for separate logins since they access separate accounts (and data cannot be viewed across accounts).

On a computer browser, they can use our Multiple Username Switch List to manage multiple logins. Select a non-shared username because this will become the ‘power username’ and sign in. They should go to ‘Change My Information’ and use the ‘Multiple Username Switch List’ link.  They can set a color and nickname to identify each username easily.

In the top right corner of the menu a lightning bolt icon will have a drop down of all the logins;  they can quickly switch between displays, and if they ‘Shift-click’ the username it will open the new session in a new browser window.

Employees can only add other employee usernames to their employee ‘power username’. The usernames can be for another login on the same account, or a different account with a different organization entirely.

Both our app for iOS and app for Android offer a Dashboard designed to allow users to sign in to multiple logins. You can sign in to the first username, then go to ‘More’ to sign into another, and then another.  Multiple logins will be simultaneously open on the dashboard at once, and you simply click on the app to get into all of them at once. In that ‘More’ section, you can customize the color and the name of each username for quick identification.

Employees can also export your schedule to the same Google Calendars account from each of your logins; that way, you could view both schedules together in Google’s interface (and from there, sync to smartphones, etc.)


I am trying to set up an account for my employee who already uses when to work for another business. Is there a way to still set up her account using the same email for her? I look forward to hearing from you all.