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Which Trade / Pickup request came in first?

When you are reviewing Pickup Requests for Unassigned Shifts, if there are multiple offers on the same Unassigned shift, then the offers are listed on the ‘Trades Awaiting Approval‘ page in the order they were received – so the first offer listed is the first offer received, and under that is the second offer received, and under that is the third offer and so on and so on. 

‘Unassigned’ shifts remain on the Tradeboard until a submitted bid is approved.  So, if your Settings>Global Employee Permissions page is set to require manager approval for picking up unassigned shifts and someone clicks to pick up one of those shifts it will remain on the tradeboard until a manager approves a pickup, so it will remain on the Unassigned list display, allowing for multiple offers from your employees.


Trades Awaiting Approval, is there a way to tell which request came in first