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Checks for Potential Conflicts

Throughout the full version our system checks for potential scheduling conflicts.

These checks are made when you Add or Edit a shift, use AutoFill or  Analyze, or Check Conflicts on the Pending Trades page.

Whether employee:

    • has an existing shift that would overlap
    • over max hours per day
    • over max hours for week
    • over max shifts per day
    • over max days for week
    • has been granted Time Off that would overlap
    • is not authorized for the Position
    • is set to CANNOT work at same time
    • is beyond set Alert Date
    • already has another pending trade for this time

You also can go to the SCHEDULES> Grid page to Analyze Shifts for any conflicts between assignments and current work preferences or set constraints.


possible over maximum hours shifts double book overtime check conflicts overlap doublebook  approval of shifts requested during Time Off