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Send Alert Date Reminders

Send Alert Dates Reminders to Employees

Managers (with permission to edit employees) can send alert date reminders to employees. Once the alert dates have been entered, you can then send reminders to employees who have email notifications set up to forward W2W messages.

These can be used, for example, for certification dates, to remind employees that a certification date is upcoming.

To send Alert Date Reminders:

From any page: 

  • In the top menu, hover over EMPLOYEES and choose Alert Date Grid
  • Click the “Send Reminder to Employees” link
  • Choose a date range or set a begin and end date
  • Edit the subject line if needed
  • Type a message that will be sent to the employees. The content of your message is the complete email they will receive, so be sure to include all the pertinent details about their alert date and what it means.
  • Click the Send button

send alert date reminders

Employees are only sent a reminder if their alert date is within the range chosen AND if they have their email notifications set to forward messages.