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Let Employees Pick Up or Request Open Shifts

To allow your employees to pick up open shifts, you’ll want to go to your SETTINGS> Global Employee Permissions page. 

Note that employees can only pick up shifts for Positions they are set to be able to work.

Near the bottom, in the Tradeboard section, you’ll find permission 20 “Can see and pickup UNASSIGNED shifts.” Set this to ‘at will’ (without needing approval) or ‘with manager approval’ (meaning a manager has to approve each request). 

Note that if you use the ‘At Will’ option then any pickup request that would put the employee over their maximum hours per week will require manager approval.

Also, under ‘Viewing Other Employees & Their Schedules’, you can set permission 9 ‘Can see UNASSIGNED SHIFTS on Everyone’s Schedule views’ to either YES or NO.

Then when you ‘Publish’ a schedule week, any Unassigned shifts will appear on the employee Tradeboard for that week, allowing them to click on the Unassigned shifts they want and request to pick them up. 

Finally, please note that main managers can click on the ‘Change Layout‘ link on the Weekly Tradeboard view to change the layout, so that the unassigned shifts are posted above the shifts available for trade.  If you make this change, it will appear in that order on your display and on the displays of other managers and employees.


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