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Errors “Unexpected result” – “Please Wait” – “Sending” Not Saving

If you are trying to make a schedule or shift change and see an error “Unexpected result from request and no changes were made”  or “Please Wait” or “Sending” message in the ‘Save’ box – this likely has to do with a software on your computer interfering with the function of our pages (ex anti-virus program).

Antivirus or other software on your system

The first thing you might try is to go into any antivirus or security software and ‘exclude’ our website from its checks.

If that is not the issue, you may be running other software (spyware, security software, etc.), that are interfering with our site’s functionality.  

Browser Extensions

If this does not solve the problem, we recommend that you check your browser’s extensions for ‘add-ons’ or toolbars that could be inhibiting functionality, and check in with your IT support to run a scan for viruses and malware.

 If you are working in Chrome and finding that your functionality is limited, go to the three dots in the upper right corner and click, then choose More Tools, and then Extensions. This is a list of Extensions running in Chrome. Try turning them off one at a time to see which one is interfering with WhenToWork functionality.

 You might test this by trying to sign in from another browser, or even on a different computer altogether. This will help determine whether the problem is local to the browser, or to the computer.

 If you do determine which toolbar or extension or security software was interfering with our site’s functionality, please do let us know at so that we can work to combat the problem in the future.


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