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Stop Username/Password From Filling In

The automatic remembering of a username or password when you sign in is not a function of WhenToWork, but is controlled by your own browser’s settings.

You can change your browser’s setting to not save usernames and passwords in your browser’s settings menu.  Depending on which browser version you are using, look for the option to “clear for data” and/or “clear passwords” and/or “autofill passwords.”  You can consult your browser’s Help file for how to accomplish this change if needed.

Note that if you are finding that other people’s usernames and passwords are stored on your computer, that means that you’re sharing the computer with other users.

Please be careful and always sign out of your WhenToWork login when you are finished, so that other users cannot simply start using your login.


Autofill username password automatically fill in My password and user name automatically fill in from my other job  trying to remove an unwanted username in when2work and have highlighted and hit delete