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Client Information

Our system is designed for scheduling employees for shifts – it may not address the needs of setting up clients, unless they are fairly simple.  So while our system is not designed for client scheduling (and does not allow for client login) you could create separate client-related Positions or Categories and then assign your employees to the appropriate times for your different clients.

Some users use Categories to designate which client a shift is related to. This allows running reports on client hours and shifts and to filter the schedule views to view only that Category or client.  Once your categories are added, you can set which shifts apply to that Client/Category.

Some users prefer to set up clients as Positions – which allows you to set each employee as to whether they can work that type of client’s shift.

For instance, if you have an employee working on two clients in the same day, you can enter two, non-overlapping shifts like a 8a-10a, Client 1 shift and a second 10a-4p, Client 2 shift.

In our system the schedule data must be entered as shifts, with start and end times. We do not have a task scheduling system where multiple tasks can be assigned in the same timeframe, etc. nor do we have specifically a client scheduling system where the client information is stored, along with your employee information and appointments that can be scheduled by matching clients with employees, etc. For that type of functionality you may want to search the Internet for “task scheduling” or “client scheduling” or just “appointment scheduling” to find a system designed more for your needs.



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