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Report / Print / Export Emp Time Preferences

Our “Availability” schedule view is the only view showing one day’s preferences at a time, where you can click on any tab to see any day of that week and navigate to future weeks as needed.  We do not have a report on Availability Preferences.

You can let your employees enter their preferences as far in advance as you wish, and you can see those Preferences in a number of ways:

On the Availability schedule view, you can see the Preferences for the times throughout any day.

By clicking an employee’s name, you see the Employee Details popup where you can then click the “Schedules-Preferences” tab to see the Preferences for that employee for any week. Note that this Preference display includes a timestamp, indicating who last edited these Preferences and when.

When you click a shift to change the worker to manually assign an employee, the “Shift Change” popup shows all employees who can work that Position along with their Preferences and availability for that time, as well as having an “Availability Chart” link that shows a graphical view of Preference information for all employees at that date and time. 

Lastly, you can simply use our “AutoFill” feature to automatically assign your Unassigned shifts to your employees based on their Preferences, availability, approved time off, constraints, skills, etc. 

Note that as a manager, you can go to SETTINGS> My Notifications and can set your notifications to “Send notifications when employee: Changes Their Preferences.”  This notification is available via email or text.

Also note you can use the Analyze feature at any time and print the results to a pdf to have a record of how shift assignments compare to the current Preferences and constraints.

Preferences cannot currently be exported.

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