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Multiple Usernames / Switch List ▶

If you have multiple W2W usernames, (ex. you have an employee and a manager login, or logins on different accounts), you can create a “Switch List” that will help you quickly switch between your usernames. You can add as many usernames as you like to your list which will then appear in the top menu as a lightning bolt in the upper right instead of “Sign Out.”

The username you are logged in with when you create the switch list will become your main “power username” and by logging in there you can quickly switch to your other usernames without needing to log in again.

If you have an employee and a manager login, create the switch list under your manager username. Employees cannot add manager usernames to their switch list. Managers can add manager or employee usernames.

Note that the Switch List should only be added to a username that it totally private and one that is never shared with anyone else.

settings info multiple usernames switch list

Enter your current username and password and check off to confirm that the username is not known by anyone else.

Enter the other username and password and choose a color and nickname to display in your top menu Switch List of that username and click the Add button.

switch list add verify your power user login

switch list usernames

Once set up, the Switch List will appear on the right of your top menu. 

switch list in menu

Note that you can only switch between users when you start from your “power username.”  If you sign in directly to any of the other usernames, you will not see the switch list on the account.


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