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AutoFill – Advanced Details

Because of its complexity, there is not a straightforward list of rules that AutoFill follows in a single line.  Instead our proprietary AutoFill algorithm balances a number of competing constraints like max hours per day/week, max shift per day, days per week, as well as time between shifts, work time preferences, position preferences, approved Time Off, number & type of positions allowed to work, and any additional priorities you choose like seniority or priority grouping. 

In general, whenever possible, AutoFill will try to give a consistent schedule (so that is why you might be seeing same employee working at same time or at same position when don’t have that many shifts).  Also AutoFill will try to equalize the *percent* of max hours per week for all employees, so if someone is scheduled to 20 hours of their max 40 hours in week that is similar to another employee scheduled to 10 hours of their max 20 hours in a week.

AutoFill has sophisticated processes that recognize when an employee can work more than one position to rearrange assignments if there are other employees only able to work a specific position, in order to minimize the number of shifts left unassigned when done.

It will never make an assignment that would conflict with certain things: approved Time Off, overlap any set ‘cannot work’ times, double-book an employee, put an employee over their set maximum constraints. 

It optimizes the assignments to ‘preferred’ work times and ‘preferred’ positions, and minimizes ‘dislike’ work times & positions whenever possible, and only assigns multiple shifts in a day when allowed and absolutely necessary (and when necessary it strives to assign consecutive shift times as much as possible).


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