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Employee Sees Manager Interface – Made trial in error?

If an employee reports that they are seeing the manager interface instead of the employee interface and they are not added as a manager on your account this means that the employee is not using their correct login, but they went to W2W and created a new trial account as if they were signing up a new organization. So instead of logging into your account, they are logging into the errant trial account they created.

Go to your Employees>List page and click their email address and be sure it is entered correctly. Click the pencil icon pencil icon next to their name in the grid and then click to Email Sign In Instructions to them. This will send them their  username and password to log in as an employee in your account.

They can email us and we can remove the trial account they created in error so there is not future confusion when they retrieve their login information.

To avoid confusion in the future it is recommended that you send new employees their login information as soon as possible.

You can send their login information by locating their information by going to the EMPLOYEES section of your manager account and clicking on the pencil icon to the left of the employee’s name to bring up the Edit Employee window. At the top of the Edit Employee window there are links to print, change or email the sign in instructions for that employee

Or simply send sign in instructions to all employees who have not yet signed in.


my staff has somehow gotten access to the main manager role on her account
why is employees logging in as manager, employee is not manager, how is seeing, employee sees manager  I created a new employee who automatically was given manger permissions employee shows up as a amanger even though not added that way  from manager to employee Home Screen comes up as a manager